New name, new look

As we approach our 1st anniversary of Tiny Tesla we have decided to shake things up a little bit and give our brand a new look for the coming year!

As well as the new look, we’re also dropping the “Life” from our name. Why? Well “Tiny Tesla” is easier to say, less of a mouthful.

All our handles online will remain the same with @TinyTeslaLife, but this is in line with our website TinyTesla.Life.

We hope you like our new sleek styling and we canโ€™t wait to share more with you about our adventures living BIG with less.

We’ve always been about “Living BIG with less”; Less Stuff on Less Money with Less Distractions so we can have BIG adventures and BIG love and generosity for each other and the planet.

We’re still the same Minimalist Family of 7 on the road to tiny living with a Tesla!