Small Changes

Life is full of twists and turn, ups and downs, happy and sad moments. There is no constant – the only constant in life is change. Life could be heading in one direction, when all of a sudden everything is turned upside down.

Tiny Tesla is something we’re passionate about, and our goals and dreams remain the same.

We are a large yet very much a minimalist family. Our goal for Tiny Tesla was “simple”;

  1. Live in a Tiny House
  2. Live life while traveling in a Tesla
  3. Live Debt Free

As we are now completely debt free, it is our goal to stay that way but as a large family on a single income, our dreams may take longer than we orginally anticipated. So we are going to continue saving as much as we can now, and purchase our Model 3 when it becomes available for configuration in Australia.

So all that leads up to this; We are going to have 2 channels.

  1. Tiny Tesla: For all our Tesla and Tiny House content
  2. Small Changes: Our lifestyle and VLOG channel. Everything on minimalism, frugal debt free living, large family logistics will be on our small changes channel.

We hope you understand why we’ve decided to take this route. Part of the journey is knowing when to take action, when to change, or to just press pause (and return back later).  Today, we’re pausing Tiny Tesla. We do hope you stick around with us, as we’re not leaving it forever, just for a season.

Until then, please be sure to subscribe to our new Small Changes YouTube channel; this is where we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, stories and basically our life living as a large family who are minimalists living on a single income and thriving. We’ve setup all seperate social accounts for this also:

If you would like to support us in our Tiny Tesla [channel] dream and/or our new Small Changes channel, please check out all the avenues here to learn how!

NOTE: Our Tiny Tesla YouTube Channel (and all related social media accounts) are NOT going away, we’ll still be posting [Tesla and Tiny House] content (when able to), but it won’t be our main channel until we’ve finally been able to obtain a Tesla.

“Small Changes” is all about making those huge life choices simple, just one small step at a time. We hope you continue us on this journey there!