If you are interested in following a family of seven on a life long adventure of living tiny, while managing a large family, you have come to the right place.

We’re going to be sharing the ups and downs in the life of minimalists,  selling our townhouse, purchasing a Tesla Model 3 (2019), and then saving every cent towards our dream of owning a Tiny House (THOW; Tiny House on Wheels or a container home).

Hope you are excited as we are to share in this exciting life together!


This is a rough outline of what we’re planning to go though; it will be updated all the time.

Stage One ✅

Stage Two 🔄

Stage Three

  • Saving towards the Tiny House
  • Choosing base Tiny House design
  • Customising Tiny House design
  • Selecting Smart Home devices
  • Selecting Networking Devices
  • Contacting Tiny House builder and calculating cost
  • Relocating to a temporary location during build


We are a family of seven who are minimalists at heart and are on a life long adventure to live tiny and explorer this large world together.

Caleb has worked in IT for 14+ years, and Sarah was a former HR manager and now a homemaker/full-time mum. We live a vegan/plant-based lifestyle and our Christian faith is our cornerstone. We believe sustainability is important and that experiences in life are more important than things.

Right now we are transiting from owning a three bedroom townhouse (which we’ve sold now!) to a Tiny House. We are a single income family and are [now] living debt free, and working towards owning our own Tiny House, a Tesla and travelling (and taking you alone with us in this journey!).

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we have no pot of gold. However we are smart with money, and if you’re interested in coming on this journey with us please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (or Gab) and YouTube (or Bitchute). Otherwise we also setup a Telegram Channel.


If you’re interested in coming along on this journey with us please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  (or Gab), Snapchat and YouTube (or Bitchute). We’ve also setup a Telegram Channel if you wanted to keep up to date that way.

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